BigWig aims to become the #1 Development and Networking organisation for Legal Professionals.

We’ll help you, our members, to grow your business as new opportunities appear.  We’ll put you in close contact with experts in the profession to gain new fee earning insights.  We’ll help you expand your circle of contacts, and you will discover numerous ways to improve business development.

We will also act as your voice, regularly polling your thoughts, concerns and opinions about developments in the profession, and ensuring they are communicated to The Law Society, Government, and Special Interest Groups.  We will engage, and monitor the results, and report back

We offer certainty to legal aspirants through exposing you to proven methods imported from similar professions.  Long-established solicitors will find a goldmine of exciting new ideas that are easy to implement.  If you are a more recent practitioner looking to enhance your career, we’ll assist you by providing a scale of affordable membership rates, and enabling you to access powerful ideas at a moderate cost of the materials shared.

Find out more. Read and comment on this blog and visit http://www.bigwignetwork.co.uk/ to sign up for our newsletter and find out how to attend a meeting.