An alternative take on “Tesco Law”

While not a new phrase for someone like me to bandy around, I wonder what you think Clementi meant by it?

Well, some suggest he meant the work of existing law firms being commoditised and sold off the shelf at Tesco, as Tesco do with banking, insurance and mobile phone services.

But what if he simply meant no change to the service itself, but a lot of change to the availability of the service?

Time-wise, Tesco open from early till late, certainly 7 days a week. Some stores open 24 hours at certain times of the year. When I worked for two large, successful, entrepreneurial, corporate companies, as Head of Finance, I was on the job from early till late, 7 days a week and on certain deals nearly 24 hours at a stretch. Now, with my corporate days behind me, my life revolves around clients during usual business hours and around usual pre-school and post-school hours with my family. In both situations, f I were looking for legal advice, 9pm in the evening would be ideal.

And with regard to location, in most conurbations in the UK, you are probably never more than 15 to 20 minutes away from a Tesco store, many of which have parking and a bus service.

So maybe Clementi was not talking about the devaluing of legal advice into some low-level commodity, but simply about making the existing provision available at a time and place to suit the customer. And even if he wasn’t, why not think about it?!

Liam Wall
BigWig Legal Network

What is BigWig Legal Network?
The deregulation of UK legal structures will have a huge impact on how Law is practised and new legal services are offered. BigWig Legal Network is the UK’s first membership development organisation for fee earners in legal practices, priced for membership affordability, which will offer what legal professionals desire most of all: Accurate, dependable new insights and techniques for developing the legal services of the future.

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