Rational Analytical Thought!

Professionals spend most of their time advising clients in an analytical and rational manner. Clients are not interested in your feelings on a subject but in your analysis of it. Indeed, I would venture that most professions favour and reward the analytical over the emotional.

Analysis does not always get the right answer, but it is logical and methodical. It identifies areas of risk and areas which are unknown. By this process, the quality of decision-making is generally improved and more often than not will provide a better decision.

When dealing with a client’s problem, this approach serves well in identifying the key decision drivers or unknown or unknowable areas. When a client is closely “involved” with the subject matter of this decision (say buying a house or a company), this analytical rigour allows the professional to operate and is prized by their client.

This perspective contains an interesting irony. Are professionals able to be analytical about their own careers and practices? Do they analyse the state of their own practice, the future of their practice and its strengths and weaknesses? Do they assess the success factors for growth? Do they understand from research rather than anecdote their competiveness in price or quality compared to their competition? Indeed, do they analytically track their competition or, dare I say, even identify their competition?

I think most professionals dealing with their own lives without the detachment provided by advising someone else become very human and lose the ability to be highly objective.

The outcome is that obvious challenges to or problems inherent in their practice are tolerated rather than addressed. In other words, some of the most analytical minds in the country are sleepwalking into the future.

Should the Coalition Government continue the deregulation of law firm ownership, will you have analysed the impact of the change on your practice?

Liam Wall
BigWig Legal Network

What is BigWig Legal Network?
The deregulation of UK legal structures will have a huge impact on how Law is practised and new legal services are offered. BigWig Legal Network is the UK’s first membership development organisation for fee earners in legal practices, priced for membership affordability, which will offer what legal professionals desire most of all: Accurate, dependable new insights and techniques for developing the legal services of the future.

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