“Don’t you want me, baby?”

Seeking a product used by most law firms, I had the pleasure of putting out to tender a significant contract worth around £150k per annum.

The existing supplier was a well-known company in the market and the point of contact was highly credible, trustworthy and pleasant. In fact, he was a thoroughly decent bloke. One of the challenging suppliers was recommended by a friend, but was otherwise completely unknown to me.

The existing supplier knew they were in a competitive situation and telephoned several times to take stock of the situation and to ensure they put the best tender forward that they could. Indeed, the resulting tender was more competitive than the year before: they provided additional features and this justified the tender process if nothing else did.

The challenging supplier came to see me and my colleagues three times. They were well-prepared with colourful charts and other sales tools, and also mentioned other products they provided. Their enhanced product offered slightly better value than that of the existing supplier. They were very attentive and could not do enough for us.

The existing supplier was obviously disappointed, but accepted the inevitable when the challenging supplier won the contract. Since that sale, the new supplier has maintained the initial contact through in-person visits and invitations to evening talks and other events, always providing valuable insights and clear, attractive supporting material.

Clients want to feel their professional advisers are part of the team. Team working is about clear regular communication. The original supplier above did a good job, but had been so busy doing the job that they lost ground to a personal visit from a rival.

It is a tight legal market at the moment with insufficient work for most, but how many have made a point of visiting existing clients in between matters just to keep the relationship and communication going?

The last thing you need right now is your existing clients wondering if you want them!

* The title of this post refers to The Human League’s single from their third album Dare (1981)

Liam Wall
BigWig Legal Network


What is BigWig Legal Network?
The deregulation of UK legal structures will have a huge impact on how Law is practised and new legal services are offered. BigWig Legal Network is the UK’s first membership development organisation for fee earners in legal practices, priced for membership affordability, which will offer what legal professionals desire most of all: Accurate, dependable new insights and techniques for developing the legal services of the future.

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